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The nursery is based the Coleridge Centre which is at the heart of the Skerne Park community, in the south of Darlington. We are care about our community and are trusted by all our parents who are proud of the centre and regularly use its facilities.

We believe eve
ry child matters and we want to make sure they reach their full potential, by building on their interests and meeting their individual needs.


Our ethos is based on what a child can do, not what they cannot do, and we adapt our resources and teaching methods to ensure children achieve and learn whilst having fun in a caring, relaxed, secure environment.

The children are always at the centre of what we do and we work closely with parents and carers to make sure each child achieves their best. Our staff work with the whole family to enhance each child's learning. We know that parents know what is best for their child and by working together we can help them reach their potential.


We operate an open door policy for parents/carers who can ring anytime or pop in to find out if their child is settled and how they are doing. We are also happy to make appointments with parents to talk about their child if they prefer. 

We are committed to the philosophy of child-initiated learning where children learn through play and make their own choices. We base our sessions on the children’s interests and cater for each child’s needs.


Our staff are very flexible and work different hours which means we can offer the care that each family needs, even if this means irregular sessions or hours. We understand that family life can be unpredictable and will do all we can to help ensure your child can attend nursery. Click here to see our hours.

Skerne Park Community Enterprise Association (CEA)

The nursery is run by Skerne Park CEA, a community enterprise organisation run on a not-for-profit basis. Any money we make is invested back into the business to ensure we provide the very best childcare. Skerne Park CEA is made up of people and organisations with an interest in improving enterprise and employment opportunities in the area and has the children and families of the Skerne Park at its heart.

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