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The lunch menu runs on a three week cycle and is changed seasonally. Below is a sample of one week of our spring/summer menu. To see our current menu please contact us.

Monday - chicken filet with gravy, seasonal vegetables and mashed potato or pasta & basilica sauce. Flapjack with milk


Tuesday - chilli con carne with garlic bread & rice or jacket potato with tuna and baked beans. Peach shortcake and custard


Wednesday - chicken casserole, seasonal vegetables, roast potato or sandwiches, wedges and salads. Fruit jelly & ice cream


Thursday - roast pork, seasonal vegetable, mashed potato or vegetable cakes. Syrup sponge and custard

Friday - fish stars, peas and diced potato or pasta & basilica sauce. Chocolate crunch and milk.

Bread buns, salad bowls, fresh fruit, yoghurt and milk available every day.



Monday - pasta bake & garlic bread and yoghurt

Tuesday - cheese omelette & mixed salad and iced cake

Wednesday - homemade toastie selection & carrot/cucumber sticks and ice cream with wafers


Thursday - sausages & Yorkshire puddings and Angel Delight/yoghurt

Friday - jacket potato with grated cheese, cucumber/carrot and apple slices with ice cream.

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