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Our relationship with parents and carers is central to all we do and begins as soon as you register your child with us. When you register your child with us you can request a home visit if you think it would help us get to know you and your child better.*


Once your child has started at nursery you will get a welcome booklet which details all our policies and procedures; parent and carers' partnership agreements and includes 'all about me' sheets, which you can use to tell us more about your child.

Each child is assigned a key worker who will lead on their learning but all our dedicated staff work closely with the children.

Throughout your child's time with us we want to hear about their likes and dislikes, what they get up to at home and any other information you think will help is get to know your child.

Your child's progress
We are always here to talk to you about your child and how they are doing. For our 2 year olds we fill in day sheets every time your child is with us so you know what they have been doing and what they have achieved. We also complete a learning journey for each child so you can see how they are developing. Every week we send a diary home with our preschool children which allows their key person to give you information about your child's learning and development and for you to share information, achievements or issues with us.

Every term we hold parents' meetings so you can ask any questions and we can tell you more about your child's progress. However, we are available at any time during the year for a chat or a more formal meeting.

Nursery information
Information about the nursery is available in our newsletters and displayed on information boards. We ask you to tell us what you have been doing at home with your child, and to share special occasions, on our WOW board.

Helping your child to learn
We encourage the children to talk about their day with staff, their friends and their family and we love hearing which activities they enjoy the most so we can continue to match their learning to their interests. 

To help you get involved in your child's learning, we have  book bags for our two year olds to bring them. They contain easy stories and props and are a great, fun way for you to help your child learn. Our three year olds bring library books home which are a bit more detailed and we encourage you to talk to them about the story.

We have superhero bears that can be taken home to help you support your child's learning and we will often invite you in to see how your child is developing.

*Registration forms are available in Polish and we welcome support from family members to help us with translations for learning and assessments.


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