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The nursery is in the Coleridge Centre which is at the heart of the Skerne Park community, in the south of Darlington.

It is a modern, fully accessible building allowing us to provide fantastic facilities for all.  

The nursery is based in an open plan room with a mixed age group of children, ranging from two to four years. Having one room means siblings and other family members can stay together and the children are encouraged to make friends with other children of varying ages.

All of our activities aim to stimulate the children and help them learn through play. 

Sensory area

Our sensory area is used by all the children but particularly those with additional needs.

This amazing facility includes music; LED projections; a fibre optic curtain; padded flooring and walls; an infinity tunnel; sensory boards; lights, a calming bubble column and mirrors. The children can flick a switch to change the environment to suit their taste or mood and have total control over the sensations they receive. This creates independence and allows the children to make their own choices.


The multisensory equipment promotes relaxation, stimulation, enjoyment and exploration. It can be used as therapy for children with limited communication skills as well as providing a unique learning environment for all children.


The equipment helps build confidence and self esteem; develops communication, social and emotional skills; increases concentration, attention and sensory skills; increases relaxation and improves coordination. We believe by using the sensory area many of our children will have a better chance in life and for those with additional needs the gap between them and their peers can be reduced.


Outside area 
Through freeplay, the children decide themselves when they would like to go outside to play, learn and explore.

The outdoor space allows the children to explore and start to understand about nature and the living world. We are members of the RSPB and are working towards our bronze badge by helping our local birds.

The garden also helps the children develop their social skills. The children are often louder outsider and this can lead to them losing their shyness and becoming more confident. They are also free to make up games and share their ideas. They begin to do things for themselves and learn about taking risks,. We have a  climbing wall, crates. tyres, walking benches and other resources to support outside learning.


Being outside makes the children aware of healthy lifestyles and physical activity. 

We provide crèche facilities for parents who are attending family learning and parental courses at the Coleridge centre as well as adult learning courses at other locations in the town. Please ask for details.

Sensory room
Outdoor fun
Messy play
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